Keeping Healthy


Keeping Healthy

Operations Management

The objective of this study is to develop and practically test a new measurement tool to assess the degree of process orientation in hospitals.

Process Orientation

Hospitals and healthcare organizations in general have started to move from relatively functional and hierarchical structures to structures.

Receive Patient Feedback

Offer seamless patient experience - from booking home collections to receiving reports and payments.

Detecting Health Problems


Detecting Health Problems

Pediatric Specialty Care

This includes physical fitness, bed nets against malaria, a good diet, clean drinking-water and less use of tobacco.

Prescription Services

The use of personal improvement projects is a mechanism to improve health at the individual level to engage in proactive prevention.

Nutritional Counseling

Another illustration is smoking cessation: societal support is important, as illustrated by successful legal activities in this area.

Treating Diseases


Treating Diseases

Mental Health Care

If people do not come forward, it can be difficult for the health system to help them. Proactive outreach on the part of the healthcare system.

Family Support Services

Daily measurement of hypertension or blood sugar can provide more information than can be collected once every few months.

Genetic Counseling & Testing

This is the process needed to trigger the next process of treatment. There are few things less cost-effective than the wrong diagnosis.

Providing A Good Life


Providing A Good Life

Primary Care Services

Curing and caring is at the core of most of today's discourse on quality improvement in healthcare Through self-management.

Infectious Disease Clinics

One shortcoming of an effective treatment process that is often not discussed is when the treatment obstructs the patients' quality of life.

Translation & Interpreter Services

Considered good care from a symptom area specialist may not create a good end of life. A holistic point of view is required.

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